These old Callaway Big Bertha commercials are hilarious

You know one of the best ways to see how fashion has changed over the last 20 years? Look at golfers. The old styles of professional golfers on the course is almost 180 degrees different than what we see today, with floral vests being a popular choice, as was pleated pants and just baggy, unflattering outfits.

That is one of the reasons these old Callaway golf commercials are so hilarious. With the Big Bertha coming back to us from Callaway, it seemed the perfect time to bring out these original Big Bertha commercials featuring Johnny Miller, Paul Azinger, Alice Cooper and yes, Kenny G, all looking very, very '90s.

From Alice Cooper inexplicably carrying a snake on his shoulders while golfing (huh?!) to Miller showing Kenny G how to saxophone to a yo-yo expert explaining what would happen if Big Bertha came to yo-yos (seriously), the whole compilation of ads is just great.

But, this is one of those things that makes you pick a favorite commercial, and mine is the one that starts at the 4:47 mark. I can't tell you what it is (honestly, I don't even really know what it is), but go watch it and let us know which one made you chuckle.

h/t Euro Golf Review for the tip

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