OK, so, how exactly could Tiger Woods make the Ryder team?

So all the talk in this week's Corey Pavin-Jim Gray dustup is over whether Tiger Woods would be a captain's pick, and whether Pavin admitted to that or not. (Our take: Woods had better be on that team, whether he makes it straight-up, whether he's a captain's pick, or whether he slaps on a painter's cap and pretends to be Ricky Barnes.)

But what would it take for Woods to make the team outright, as he obviously would like to do? Here's how it shakes out. The top-eight players in Ryder Cup points are in. And here are your rankings on the bubble:

7. Matt Kuchar, 3,064 points
8. Lucas Glover, 3,053 points
9. Dustin Johnson, 3,032 points
10. Tiger Woods, 2,809 points

You earn points based on how much cash you've earned on tour -- 1 point for every $1,000 in winnings. However -- here's the bonus part -- you get double points for every major. So let's do a little math here -- Woods sits about 243 points out of the hunt, but halving that means he needs to take home about $122,000 more than Lucas Glover this weekend.

(Aside: Don't you love pro sports? When you can talk casually about bringing home six figures or more in a weekend? The rest of us would need to go on a multistate crime spree to do that.)

Anyway, it won't be easy. Let's go worst-case scenario for Glover: He misses the cut. Based on last year's purse breakdown, Woods would still need to get into the top 10 to have a hope of catching Glover. Certainly, if Woods can play well enough to get into the top 5, things get much easier -- the separation between places is more than enough to overcome the distance between Woods and the eighth spot. Still, as we've seen so far, that's by no means guaranteed.

Look, we all know this is nothing but a temporary blip. Woods is going to be on the team, and a month from now it's not going to matter how he got there. But anything that gets Corey Pavin and Jim Gray into a slapfight is OK with me.