Do not read this story if you haven't carded a hole-in-one

They say that if an infinite number of monkeys tapped away at an infinite number of typewriters, eventually one day one would create the entire works of Shakespeare. Perhaps. (We've already got several of them on the payroll here at Yahoo! Sports.) But if you have hundreds of thousands of little kids whacking golf balls all over creation, sooner or later, this is going to happen: a seven-year-old Australian kid has gone and knocked in a hole-in-one.

According to Fox Sports, Bryson Nicholls of Geelong (man, do I love Australian place names) knocked down the ace on the sixth hole of the Balyang (see what I mean?) golf course. Now, it was a par-three course, so don't get too excited, but still -- you hit ball off tee, ball goes in cup, that's a nice little sequence whether you're at Augusta or a parking-lot-quality muni.

Congrats to little Bryson. You'll excuse me while I go snap a couple clubs in half now.