Nicolas Colsaerts hits tee shot in hazard, has to take ‘relief’ in a bathroom (Video)

If 2013 doesn't go down as the year Mother Nature won the FedEx Cup, it might just be the year of the weird drops.

That continued at the Volvo World Match Play Championship, when Nicolas Colsaerts found himself in a situation that you probably won't ever see again no matter how much golf you watch over the next few decades.

Colsaerts was playing Graeme McDowell when his tee shot on par-4 10th hole flew well out of play in the hazard. A rules official came over and determined that the nearest point of relief was where most golfers go to take relief; in a nearby bathroom.

The ball was dropped inside the toilet, and Colsaerts then was able to take relief from that spot, which means he was able to re-drop his ball close by without penalty because it lay in an unplayable position. Colsaerts then hit his approach shot on the green and rolled in the putt for par.

It was enjoyable watching Colsaerts and the rules official having a chuckle about the whole situation, and even cooler that he still made par despite the penalty stroke, but his hopes of winning the match were, ahem, flushed by McDowell who won 2 & 1.

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