Nick Faldo is pulling for Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl

Nick Faldo is taking a break from the rough-and-tumble world of professional golf to spend a little time watching the gentleman's game that is pro football. He'll be in Miami Sunday night to watch one of his prize pupils in his day job.

Yep, Faldo once had a golf session with Peyton Manning, who's gone on to a bit more success in another field. Faldo told Press Tent of his connection to Manning: "I gave him a 25-minute golf lesson last year at AT&T [Pebble Beach Pro-Am], worked with his game, so I got a real rooting interest in this. You can tell [my work], it’s all in the arms."

But why doesn't Sir Nick watch the "other" football, what we in the States call soccer? "I don't watch soccer any more; it's all hooligans," he said. "It just made sense with CBS broadcasting the game to come, wine, dine and party for the week before getting back to golf."

Now that, friends, is how you work some connections. Faldo obviously will be cheering for the Colts. How about you, Devil Ballers? Who's your team this weekend?

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