The Neverending Rory: This was June @ Devil Ball

Rory McIlroy turns in one of the greatest performances in golf history
Rory McIlroy turns in one of the greatest performances in golf history

Let's take a look back at the big stories that dominated June 2011 here at Devil Ball. Away we go, starting with this nugget: remember who won the U.S. Open?

• Even after expressing sympathy for noted fourth-quarter vanisher LeBron James, Rory McIlroy went out and absolutely throttled the U.S. Open field for four straight days in one of the most exceptional tournaments you'll ever see.

• Henrik Stenson lost his temper and hurt himself. Ain't that always the way?

• NBC omitted the words "under God" from the pledge before the final day of the U.S. Open, which really didn't upset anybody at all. Really.

• Over on the women's side, Yani Tseng saw McIlroy's victory and raised him a ten-stroke hammering at the LPGA Championship.

• Tiger Woods split with longtime agency IMG. What might that mean for his career? Meanwhile, Woods grew a fancy new beard, scared a baby, and knocked the bottom out of U.S. Open ticket prices with his absence.

• Kevin Na is the world's slowest golfer. Science says so.

• President Obama played a round of presidential golf with House Speaker John Boehner. No "he pulls to the left" jokes, please.

• Meanwhile, this was a nice trick: Rickie Fowler holed out from between two buildings in downtown D.C.

• Also, David Feherty stopped by to chat, as did Matt Kuchar on the podcast.

• The Golf Boys were awesome. The Golf Girls were ... uh, based on the Golf Boys.

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