The mystery of how Arnold Palmer orders his own drink has been solved

Imagine for a second that you're Arnold Palmer, a seven-time major championship winner, business icon and refreshment drink namesake. You are out at Augusta National on a spring day and you're thirsty. Maybe a water will do, or a soda, or even a refreshing beer to help wash down one of Augusta's fine lunch options.

No, an Arnold Palmer will do. That's what Steve Politi of the Star-Ledger noticed on Monday at the Masters. Palmer was in his green jacket, having a lunch and enjoying the drink that he created when Politi started wondering just how the legend actually ordered his own drink.

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Remember, this is a drink that is now as famous as the man behind it. We've seen a "Sportscenter" commercial dedicated to it, a "30 for 30" short that runs over nine minutes on the drink that mixes iced tea and lemonade and we've seen his face on cans at every golf course from Pebble Beach to Pine Valley.

So how did he order his drink? Here is what Politi wrote.

I chased Kesley, the waitress serving Arnold Palmer yesterday, back to the bar where she was putting in another drink order.

"How did Arnie order his drink?"

"He leaned over and said, 'I'll have a Mr. Palmer.' Then he winked," Kesley said.

As the "Sportscenter" anchors said, "That was awesome."

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