Must-see TV: The Golf Courses of the British Isles

Remember when ESPN rolled out the "30 for 30" series and it was hailed as a one of the best pieces of programming in the network's history? Well, the Golf Channel has the opportunity to do the exact same thing. That's assuming, of course, the network is smart enough to pick up Landmark Media Productions' "The Golf Courses of the British Isles."

Here's a quick rundown of the 13-part series:

Using his powerful, often poetic, prose as a narrative guide, "The Golf Courses of the British Isles" will be a video travelogue through the breathtaking courses of Great Britain and Ireland. Stunningly shot and immaculately produced, our series will showcase these spectacular venues in a way that has never been done. In Darwin's writings, the golf courses become living, breathing characters. It's time to tell their stories.

Based on comments from someone closely connected to the project, the series apparently hasn't been snatched up by a network in the States. Now, we know the Golf Channel has its own unique programming (who doesn't love Big Break reruns?), but this TV series looks incredibly special.

Even if you haven't played a single course in the British Isles in your life, I'd be willing to bet you'd want to head over after watching this series. You just hope someone wises-up and buys the rights in the near future. I think we can all agree 13, 30-minute shows dedicated to some of the best courses in the world would be time well spent on the couch.

[Via GolfClubAtlas]