Movie on Seve Ballesteros’s life currently in production

Seve Ballesteros was one of the great golfers of our time, but for a lot of today's generation, myself included, everything we've ever know about swashbuckling Spaniard has come from old videos and books. Most golf fans know very little about where Seve grew up, or that he was brought up in an impoverished background.

Seve was incredibly charismatic, you almost wondered if they'd ever make a movie about his career. If you were thinking about producing the film, don't worry, someone's already ahead of you.

Award-winning producer Stephen Evans has already gone to work on a movie about Seve's life, starting with his formative years and going up through his runner-up finish at the 1976 British Open. It's apparently also going to include archived footage of Ballesteros.

"We're dealing essentially with his youth from the age of 16 to 19," Evans said. "Unless you understand his youth, you'll never understand Ballesteros and you'll never give him the sympathy that he merits."

The movie sounds like a must-see for golf fans. Here's hoping they bring it over to the United States for a screening. I'm pretty sure there are a bunch of people out there that would love to learn more about Seve.

(h/t Shackelford)

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