The most hazardous water hazard ever: a shark

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Think golf's too boring a game? Then get down to Australia, slick, and play the Carbrook Golf Club in Queensland. The water hazard there features up to 30 real live sharks. Behold:

We're gonna need a bigger cart.

Yeah, that's a mean-looking shark and all, but I'd probably chance it if I put one of my Pro-V1s in there. Those things ain't cheap, you know.

The sharks were thought to be a myth for many years, but as you can see, that's no myth. Club officials speculate that the bull sharks, some of which are estimated at up to 10 feet long, washed into the lake during a flood in the early 1990s.

The sharks are in a lake that borders the holes, so it's not like your ball has to jump a shark, to coin a phrase. Still, the club has embraced its fearsome guests, touting the sharks' presence and hosting a monthly "Shark Lake Challenge." The club's general manager also feeds the sharks chicken, which is good as long as they don't get a taste for golfer flesh.

So for those of you thinking that the worst thing possible on a golf course happened to Rory McIlroy on Sunday, guess again. He could've been eaten.

Visor tip to Aussie Golfer for the story, and commenter Kyle C. for the cart line.

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