Miguel Angel Jimenez banks the greatest shot of the year

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Golf's a fairly easy game when you think about it. Hit the ball again and again until it goes in the little hole. But every so often, something happens that forces you to get a little creative, perhaps even a little insane.

The scene: the always-treacherous Road Hole, one of the toughest holes in all of golf. Many Open Championship hopes have died here, including those of Tom Watson in 1984. The player: Miguel Angel Jimenez, one of the coolest cats in golf, who was in the midst of an over-par meltdown and watching his major hopes blowing out to the North Sea. It was time to take drastic action.

[Photos: Jimenez's risky shot]

On approach, Jimenez's ball had rolled up almost against the wall that runs along and behind the 17th hole. He didn't have room to get his club in behind the ball, so he turned his back to the green, faced the wall, and ...

Beauty! If the British Open were being played under the rules of the ancient and legendary game H-O-R-S-E, Jimenez would have just hung an H on the rest of the field. Much like Phil Mickelson's backwards chip, people are going to be trying this stunt for years to come.

Sadly for Jimenez, he double-bogeyed the hole and sits 12 strokes behind leader Louis Oosthuizen. But even so, he's just added an iconic golf shot to the game's history. How many people get to do that?

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