Miguel Angel Jimenez actually describes how to pull off that stretching routine of his

I have absolutely no idea who at Golf Monthly convinced Miguel Angel Jimenez to give us a demonstration of how he does his pre-range stretching, but the person deserves a raise.

Jimenez, a man who made golf stretching famous at the 2011 British Open, gives you an idea of how he gets loose at the golf course and there is just too much to like about this video.

I mean, the guy starts the video off by stretching WHILE HOLDING A CIGAR which is just incredible on so many levels. I love that he calls what he does with his knees "the little dancing move" and who knows, maybe stretching like this is the way to go for all us golfers and Jimenez has just been on it for years, laughing at us fools who simply go to the range and start banging balls.

Thank you Golf Monthly, thank you Miguel and thank you Internet for making this all possible.

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