Michelle Wie's lovin' it with McDonald's sponsorship

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Michelle Wie gave a hint of her future plans on Sunday night on her Facebook page: "Ba-ba-ba-ba-baaaaa!"

For the non-commercial-overwhelmed, that's the theme ditty for McDonald's. And it was a tipoff to her big news: she's signed a two-year deal with the burger-slingin' clown.

Wie is the first golfer to sign a deal with McDonald's since Greg Norman in the 1990s. And it's huge news for Wie and women's golf game. This is a world of sponsorship and exposure, and Wie's public image is about to get a huge boost.

McDonald's director of alliance marketing John Lewicki heralded the deal with those usual marketing non-words: "Michelle is relevant to an Asian consumer market that we’re trying to penetrate and has broad appeal to young adults, women and the general audience," he said.

As such, Wie's first commercial will be available in five languages -- Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Taglish and English. In the commercial, Wie will play golf and then hang out at McDonalds -- you know, just like we all do postround.

Anyway, congrats to Wie and the LPGA as a whole on this news. It's a fine boost at exactly the moment the women's game needs it most.

(Photo illustration via Golfweek.)

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