Michelle Wie slams the door on all that 'bust' talk

You don't have to go as far as Michelle Wie's Wikipedia page to understand the troubles she's encountered early in her career. A talent that women's golf had never seen, Wie was the next big thing without someone within a 3-wood distance of her, and she made waves with those big finishes in the majors at such a young age.

But, as golfers tend to do when the sophomore slump hits, Wie struggled to find her game, and made a questionable decision here or there.

On Sunday, Wie was in the final group of the CN Canadian Women's Open with Jiyai Shin, one of the top players in the game and a seven-time LPGA winner at the ripe age of 22. People expected Michelle to falter with someone so traveled in her group, but that wasn't the case. Wie went out and shot a 2-under 70, good enough for a three-shot victory, her second in less than a year.

The problem is, people still expect more. Michelle is ranked seventh in the world after the win in Canada, but that still isn't enough for the 20-year-old. People expect that she should be pulling in wins by the bunches, not realizing the amount of talent that is exhibited week in and week out on the LPGA.

Someone Tweeted about Michelle's win on Sunday, asking if this would be the one that would push her over the top, but isn't she already over the top? This is a girl that people wrote off before she even hit her 20s, but has steadily improved parts of her game to be good enough to win these types of events.

Also, something that everyone should understand: Every tournament is a major on the LPGA, because every player plays in all the events since the tour has had to drop so many other tournaments. If you're winning one of these tournaments, you're beating the best in the world, no matter the title of "major."

Michelle Wie was never a bust, she was just a young girl trying to figure out the ins and outs of professional golf. And as for her youth? Yeah, the Monday after her victory, she's watching "Lion King 2." No reason to grow up when you don't have to, right?

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