Michelle Wie haters need to steer clear of Singapore

These are good days to be Michelle Wie. Coming off a season in which she finally began capitalizing on her immense promise, she's starting off the 2010 season with a triumphant tour through Asia. Next up: Singapore.

As Golfweek's Beth Ann Baldry notes, Wie is getting the pre-hydrant Tiger-style treatment: "Today’s paper features several features on Wie’s arrival, complete with a close-up picture of her pink boots and Louis Vuitton bag. There’s even a timeline of Monday’s activities. (At 4:30 p.m., she went to Chinatown to buy souvenirs.)"

And that's not the only Tiger comparison being made. At a press conference, an Asian journalist called her the "Tiger Woods of women's golf," which is not nearly the compliment it was three months ago. Asked about her thoughts on the Woods saga, Wie wisely replied, "No comment."

Something about Wie and all the acclaim she receives drives a certain segment of the golf-watching public -- or the golf-griping public -- insane. Maybe it's the fact that she was a millionaire before she could drive; maybe it's the fact that she squandered her talent early on and came off as a spoiled kid. But now, it's indisputable that she's got the skills and the presence to play at the LPGA's highest level. She's broken through with one win already, and it's likely that more are on the way.

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