Michelle Wie didn't have the best trip to France

Ahh, France. Home of some of the best, and most relaxing vacations imaginable. It has the Riviera, the Eiffel Tower and a museum roughly the size of Rhode Island. Everyone that goes there has a wonderful time.

That is, unless you wreck your bike during the Tour de France, or you are Michelle Wie, who was teeing it up at the Evian Masters last week with hopes and dreams of leaving the beautiful country with a touch more luggage. That was still in the cards after a Thursday 68, but the wheels began coming off after that, and her week ended with a different putting stroke, and a nearly double-digit hole in her second round.

Her second-round 77 was where any chances of a win ended. Wie made a 9 on the 10th hole on Friday, shot 40 on the back and so went another week for Wie.

To make it even worse, she decided to fool around with a putting change during the tournament, something that even Tiger Woods showed was a bad plan at the British Open two weeks ago.

Wie went cross-handed for her final three rounds, mostly because the flat-stick has been abysmal this season. (Michelle is ranked 136th on tour in putts per round, at a hefty 31.04.) It didn't help, as Wie finished with at least 30 putts per round for the entire week, and is now tinkering before the Women's British this week.

After her win last season, it seemed that Wie might have bucked that monkey, and would start contending at a more regular pace. That hasn't been the case in 2010, and it seems that she is still as lost as ever on the golf course.

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