Michael Jordan can’t decide on a shade of blue for the Ryder Cup

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Michael Jordan is a huge fan of the color blue. Huge. If you need proof, just take a look at this photo from the opening day of the 39th Ryder Cup where Jordan is serving as an adviser for the U.S. squad.

With the rest of the team, including coaches, wearing matching outfits on Friday, Jordan decided to go away from the standard look and mix it up by wearing every shade of blue in his closet.

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It's either that or the lights went out at his place and he got dressed in the dark. The shirt and the hat appear to be the same color, so he receives points for actually matching two items. But seriously, what's with the puffy vest, jeans that are about 15,000 shades of blue, and dark blue Jordans? It feels like he's auditioning to be a Smurf.

Normally I'd give Jordan a pass for the mismatched getup, but he's worn outfits to the biennial competition in the past that somewhat matched. Oh, and by the way, the guy owns an NBA team and a multimillion dollar apparel company. Step up your Ryder Cup clothing game, MJ.

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