Merion’s 13th hole is set at 98 yards for Round 3, the second-shortest hole in U.S. Open history

Kevin Kaduk
Devil Ball Golf

ARDMORE, Pa. — Most of the holes at Merion Golf Club are the type that'll leave me with night terrors should I have any golf-related dreams over the next few weeks.

The short par-3 on the 13th, though? Well, there's one I'd like to think I could have a shot at, despite all the bunkers that ring the green. Saturday's setup will measure only 98 yards, which makes it the second-shortest hole in U.S. Open history. Hole 7 at Pebble Beach still ranks atop the short list when it was set for 92 yards during the 2010 U.S. Open.

Merion's 13th will feature a tee set in the top left corner of the box and a pin placement in the front left portion of the bowl green. (See all the Round 3 hole setups on The Golf Channel.) The hole played at 102 yards during Round 1 and 123 yards during Round 2. It's listed on Merion's scorecard as a 115-yard hole.

Located just off the clubhouse, the 13th hole has proven to be a fan favorite with many spectators pausing to see at least a group or two take aim at the stick. Though no one has hit a hole-in-one just yet, it has been the easiest hole on the course. U.S. Open golfers have recorded an average score of 2.8471 through two rounds, making it the only hole that's playing below par. Golfers have hit 78 birdies, 207 pars and just 28 bogeys over 36 holes.

With such a short setup for Saturday's round, you can be sure the USGA would like to see a little excitement drummed up with a hole-in-one for NBC's cameras.

Anyone want to take a guess at who might be the golfer to do it?

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Want more from Merion? Follow@KevinKadukand like the Devil Ball Golf Facebook page!

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