Mercedes-Benz unleashes a prototype golf cart that might out-cool the Hovercraft

Nobody has made it yet, but Mercedes-Benz has unveiled what a golf cart might look like if they ever got into the business. Spoiler alert; it's awesome.

Last week at the British Open the German carmaker showed this picture of the Vision Golf Cart, a prototype that they aren't planning on making yet but wanted to show just how cool it might be if they did.

What does the Vision Golf Cart have inside? A joystick that drives the cart, an iPad docking station and a "fore" button that alerts other golfers if you just hit a golf shot at them (This is a brilliant idea and every cart should have this).

Now it's time to decide if this Vision Golf Cart is as cool as the Oakley hovercraft that Bubba Watson showed off in this YouTube clip. While the Hovercraft is awesome, I think it would be classier to cruise around in this Mercedes golf cart. If nothing else you could keep up with your Twitter feed on the regular with that iPad dock.

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