Meltdown recognize meltdown: Rory McIlroy feels for LeBron James

The Miami Heat's total implosion during the NBA Finals this week was the worst example of vomiting up a lead since Rory McIlroy did it on the back nine at the Masters. So it stands to reason that McIlroy would feel some measure of sympathy for the Heat and, in particular, LeBron James.

"I think he's been unfairly scrutinized," McIlroy said Tuesday. "Everyone is going to have bad days, if it's on a golf course or on a basketball court. And with sports these days everything is overanalyzed, stats here, stats there, how has your team combined points in the last quarter of the Finals or whatever. It's just one of those things."

LeBron and McIlroy share a sponsor, Audemars Piguet watches, and McIlroy is a self-professed Heat fan. And they have more than that in common: They've had some major problems this year with the fourth -- quarter or day, whichever. McIlroy acknowledged that the constant focus on failure will "get to you," but added that the Heat will have many more chances at the Finals. And he's got a chance this week to put Augusta out of his mind once and for all.

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