McIlroy’s terrible, horrible streak continues: airline loses his clubs

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When your luck goes south, it goes south in a hurry. As you probably know by now, Rory McIlroy coughed up a three-day, nine-hole lead at the Masters in grand style, going 6-over par in just three holes to torpedo any chance he had of winning the green jacket.

Oh, but the bad news for McIlroy didn't end there. He had to share a plane with Charl Schwartzel and the new apparel Schwartzel picked up in Augusta as the two flew to Malaysia for their next tournament. At least McIlroy was a good sport about it, making the best of an awkward situation on Twitter.

But after 25 hours in flight, when he arrived in Kuala Lumpur for the Malaysian Open, he found himself in the shoes of so many other travelers: His luggage didn't show up. But unlike many other travelers who need to pick up a new outfit or two, McIlroy's luggage -- i.e. his clubs -- is rather important for his career.

"It's one of those things," McIlroy said, and you have to guess that it was with a Charlie Brown-esque sigh. "Going through so many time zones and so many connecting flights your bags are going to get lost sometimes."

Talking to the BBC, McIlroy conceded that the only shot he'd like back from Augusta is the tee shot on 10, the one he put so far off the fairway that he had to walk among the houses that run alongside the 10th.

"That tee shot on 10 was the first bad drive I hit all week and then from there, making seven on 10, I just sort of lost my way a little in the middle of the round," he said, which is like saying that Malaysia is just a little ways away from Augusta. "These things can happen very easily, I'll know in the future how to deal with it if it ever happens again."

Shame he lost his clubs, though doubtless that driver was among them. Perhaps they weren't "lost" at all. Perhaps someone decided to teach those clubs a lesson by, oh, tossing them from a plane?

Rory McIlroy clubs mislaid in flight to Malaysia [BBC]

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