Matt Kuchar takes unusual means of travel to Muirfield for a practice round

In an age of NetJets gracing the sleeve of just about every golfer on the PGA Tour and helicopters taking players to and from the first tee, it's rare to hear of a player having to bum a ride, especially when that player is No. 2 in the FedEx Cup points race.

Matt Kuchar had to do just that on Monday at the British Open.

According to The Golf Channel, Kuchar had a car set to pick him up from the farmhouse he has rented for the week, and when the car didn't come, he took to the one mode of transportation we all have when everything else fails; his legs.

Kuchar walked down the street and started trying to flag cars, eventually getting snagged by a random driver that noticed the 6-foot-4 PGA Tour star, giving him the needed ride to Muirfield so he could prepare for his ninth Open Championship start.

Hopefully the hitchhiking will be the change he needed to succeed at the Open, as the six-time winner on the PGA Tour has missed the cut in six of his eight starts at this major championship.

Also, one tip for Kuchar, from the PGA Tour's Phil Mickelson. If you need help perfecting the hitchhiking signature move, Phil is here to show you the perfect way to do just that.

Thanks, Phil.

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