Matt Jones pings ball off rocks, across green, right up to cup … just like he planned it

Sometimes golf is a game of skill and precision, and sometimes you just get insanely, fall-down-the-stairs-and-land-on-your-feet lucky. In the third round of the PGA Championship at Oak Hill, Matt Jones stepped up to the par-3 11th, swung away, and watched in horror as his tee shot sailed toward the treacherous rocks running along the green's right edge. But the golf gods decided to bestow a great gift upon Jones. The ball richocheted off the rocks, skipped across the green, sliced through the fringe, and rolled to within three feet of the cup. You know, just like Jones intended.

Alas, the golf gods must have decided that Jones got enough of a benefit from those rocks, because he only walked away with a par. He finished the round +3 on the day, +6 overall. So he's not going to be competing for a trophy, but he's already locked down best shot of the tournament.

[Vine via Eye on Golf]