Masters mystery: What's that 'V' on Tiger Woods' hat?

The familiarity of The Masters is what makes it one of the greatest events in all of sports. The course is always in the same pristine shape, the faces rarely change (both on the course and on television) and even the on-screen graphics CBS uses are consistent through the years. During the 2009 tournament, though, there has been one subtle change that has left Masters viewers confused. What's with that new "V" on Tiger Woods' hat?

When we last saw Tiger in a major (last year's U.S. Open), the left side of his Nike cap was adorned with the "SQ" logo of the manufacturer's SasQuatch line of golf clubs. Since his return to the PGA Tour, the "SQ" is gone, replaced by a large, somewhat-unwieldy "V".

Not surprisingly, the "V" is another Nike logo. The Oregon-based company recently released its Victory Red irons and the large Roman numeral-like "V" is the logo for the clubs. If you look closely, the top right half of the "V" contains a red, lowercase "r", an obvious nod to Tiger's trademark Sunday color.

Tiger helped design the forged carbon steel blades and is playing the Masters with all Victory Red irons (except for his lob wedge). The clubs also feature Tiger's "TW" logo, as well as the ubiquitous Nike swoosh.

If you have a Masters mystery you'd like solved, please let us know in the comments. In the meantime, we'll be trying to figure out how Jim Furyk's unorthodox swing gets him near the top of the Masters leaderboard while our unorthodox swings get us to the green in six shots.

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