The Masters will be coming at you in 3D, like it or not

So you say you're excited about this year's Masters? Liking the chance to see ol' Tiger Woods back on the course, sticking it to his critics and his competition? What if I told you it was about to get even more awesome! How much more? THREE TIMES MORE! Pumped up now, are ya?

That's right. For the first time ever, the Masters will be broadcast in glorious 3D -- provided, of course, that you have a 3D television or computer capable of receiving it. Augusta National will have multiple cameras set up all over the course, primarily in the back nine, and will provide an Avatar-esque immersive experience, most likely without the threat of taking a Na'vi arrow to the chest.

"Innovation has always been part of Masters tradition," Augusta National President Billy Payne said in a statement. "Utilizing this technology marks another important milestone in allowing our at-home patrons to better experience the beauty of our course and excitement of our Tournament. We consider ourselves fortunate to be a leader in providing this technology, thanks in large part to our valuable partners who share in our commitment to deliver a meaningful and memorable viewing experience."

Would it cost me my badge if I said that jargon-ridden statement managed to bleed every ounce of enthusiasm out of a very cool technology? It would? Okay, I won't say it.

So, yeah, Masters 3D. Keep your glasses handy; you never know when a giant scorpion might leap out of the pines and attack Ian Poulter.

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