Martin Kaymer brings a little German Christmas to Atlanta

As is tradition at the PGA Championship, the reigning champion hosted a dinner for all past champions in attendance on Tuesday night, and Martin Kaymer went all holly-jolly.

Kaymer hosted a meal of what he termed a "typical German Christmas dinner," featuring roast goose with potato dumplings, red cabbage and gravy. His guests? The other 16 champions, plus assorted PGA officials.

And, just like Christmas, Kaymer played Santa and gave out gifts to all the past champions: in this case, a Swiss Army knife. "I always wanted to have one as a kid, but my parents didn't allow me to have one. So now it was a chance to get one." Kaymer also invited two past champions, David Toms (2001) and Phil Mickelson (2005), to tell stories of their winning outings. Shame he didn't pick John Daly; I'd imagine the stories would be that much better.

No word on whether they all gathered 'round the fire in reindeer sweaters and sang Christmas carols, but I'd like to believe they did.

Also, here's a photo of all the past champions. Nice of Daly to coordinate his shoes, jacket and t-shirt:

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