Mark O’Meara sent a congratulatory text message to Tiger Woods from Augusta’s 12th green

There are plenty of things you'll find in two weeks at Augusta National; cheap beer, yummy pimento cheese sandwiches and even the occasional celebrity roaming the hallowed grounds that hosts the year's first major.

One thing you won't find? A cell phone. That is one of the few modern pieces that Augusta does not embrace, and anyone with a cell phone, golf fan or otherwise, will be escorted off the grounds (in a press conference a year ago Rory McIlroy's phone rang and as he silenced it he pronounced to the congregated media, "No phones at Augusta!").

These rules do not apply to past Masters winners, however.

The Golf Channel is reporting a rather interesting story from this week's Shell Houston Open from 1998 Masters champion Mark O'Meara. The good pal of Tiger Woods was asked if he chatted with Tiger after his win last week at the Arnold Palmer Invitational and he said he sent him a text message. That isn't surprising. Where he sent it from most certainly is.

“I was on the 12th green at Augusta National on Monday,” O'Meara said. “You’ve got to be very careful, as we all know, at Augusta. I don't want Mr. Payne to be upset at me. I was back on the back of the green and pulled out my phone to see that he had won by two. I fired him a text. I said, ‘Awesome. Great No. 8 and No. 1."

Now there are plenty of things I'd want to do at Augusta National, but most involve some sort of bladed iron and a round, white golf ball, but I guess you have to be pretty comfortable with the green jackets to A.) pull out your cell phone to send a text while playing Amen Corner and B.) tell the world about it.

O'Meara is of course in the field at the Masters because of his win there in '98, and hopefully Mr. Payne will enjoy the story as we did without slapping O'Meara's wrist.

Still, could you imagine that text conversation?

"Thanks for the message! Where you at?"

"Just birdied Golden Bell, about to tee off on Azalea!"

"Awesome. Be there next week! Don't waste your crystal posibilites too early!"

Ahh, the life of a major winner. I'd venture to say it isn't the worst job in the world.

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