Mark Calcavecchia says Tiger changed his cell number five times

You know those moments in life when you find something out and immediately slap your forehead thinking, "Of course! Of course! I should have seen this coming!"

Well, Mark Calcavecchia, the 1989 British Open champion, had one of those when the Tiger Woods infidelity news broke our golf world in two. Calc admitted that Tiger changed his cell phone five times last year, rule number one for men committing sketchy behavior.

"I didn't really think about it, but in the course of last year he changed his number five times," says Calcavecchia. "The last time he did, I said, 'Man, you change phone numbers more than I change underwear.'"

See, an honest admission from a buddy of Tigers and an Monday image you probably wish you could rip from your mind, all in two sentences. Thanks, Calc!

To be serious for a minute, in the technological era we now live, there is foreshadowing for a cheater/sketch ball we all should look out for. Does the person you're hanging out with not have a Facebook account? (Meaning: tons of skeletons in the 'ol' closet.) Does the person you're hanging out with insist on locking his cell phone? (Meaning: there are obviously things he/she doesn't want you to see.) Does the person repeatedly change his number? (Meaning: he/she is trying to avoid certain calls from certain people.)

Tiger could always hide behind the "I'm so famous such-and-such news outlet got my cell number so I had to change it," but five times?!?

That's more than certain people change, umm, their underwear? The last few weeks have given us a couple of honest admissions from people close to Woods. First, it was his caddie Steve Williams admitting he is disappointed in his boss and now this from Calc. Don't be surprised if more golfers step forward with stories similar to these over the coming weeks as more and more journalists try to find out anything before Tiger announces his return.

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