Mahan breaks down, Mickelson steps in at press conference

We wrap our Ryder Cup coverage (Cuperage?) with one last look at the tough, tough day for Hunter Mahan at Celtic Manor on Monday. Although he did have one of the ugliest shots ever in the final holes of top-flight competition, it's hard to lay too much blame at his feet; he had the pressure of the entire Ryder Cup on him, and his teammates didn't do him any favors with their play earlier in the day. He tried to talk a bit about his experience, but had trouble keeping it together:

Nice move by Phil Mickelson there to rescue Mahan, who was clearly on the verge of completely breaking down.

Yes, yes, it's tough to feel too sorry for these guys when they're going to go back to their million-dollar homes and roll around on piles of money. But still, losing sucks, no matter who you are. Hopefully for Mahan's sake, he can put this loss behind him and get on with the business of winning again.

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