How Luke Donald could retake the No. 1 ranking from Rory McIlroy

Sometimes, you get the impression that the world No. 1 ranking is going to be like one of those massage chairs at a mall Brookstone's, a seat that everyone takes a turn in for a few minutes. Right now, it's Rory's time, but there's a decent chance he'll get booted by a store employee with the name "Luke" on his tag.

Luke Donald leads the field at this weekend's Transitions Championship, and if he plays well enough, he might be able to retake the No. 1 spot that Rory McIlroy snagged a couple weeks back. He'll need to amass a fair number of points -- GolfTalkCentral predicts he'll need an outright win -- but it's doable. Still, even if he does retake the summit, Donald doesn't sound all that thrilled about the prospect.

"I don't know if getting to No. 1 was that hugely important to me," Donald said, in what has to rank as one of the great golf humblebrags of recent years. "I've always focused on putting myself into contention to try and win tournaments and hopefully majors, and obviously did that a lot last year; and as a consequence, I went to No. 1 ... I think there's a few bragging rights.  The prestige is great.  But it's not what I'm really focused on."

Me neither, to be honest with you. But if it happens, it happens.

Of course, if it doesn't happen this week, it won't happen until Augusta, as both Donald and McIlroy are scheduled to be off until the azaleas are in play. And by then, we'll have plenty more storylines to consider.

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