Ludacris offers up the first Tiger-diss hip-hop tune

It's always a tipping point when a national story makes its way into popular culture -- you know, like "Law & Order" episodes that "rip stories from the headlines" or benefit songs that capitalize on crises. Well, Haiti's got "We Are The World," and now the Tiger Woods scandal has its own theme song: Ludacris's "Sexting."

The tune begins with Luda leaving a very familiar voicemail message, and then details the problems that can result when you're a bit careless with your chick-juggling. Here's a "clean" version:

Ludacris, "Sexting"

... though I'd still recommend you don't play this one if you're at work and your workplace takes a dim view of, you know, dudes working over shorties and whatnot.

After this, I don't see Luda getting invited to too many charity golf tournaments. On the plus side, "My girl went through my cell phone" is going to be the club call of 2010, I can feel it.

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