Lucas Glover's new look appears to be the answer

Call him "Grizzly Glover" or "Caveman," it really doesn't matter. At this point in his career, Lucas Glover is enjoying his new-found fame as the PGA Tour's version of the Geico Caveman.

When he showed up last week at the Farmers Insurance Open with a full-blown beard that would have made Grizzly Adams proud, he looked like a new man.

Maybe that's the look Glover was going for when he decided to trade in clean-cut for a hunting beard that matched his field and stream persona.

You see, Glover hasn't looked the same since his life changed over night during the summer of 2009. After winning the U.S. Open in dramatic fashion, the South Carolina native went from "just another guy on tour," to "Lucas Glover, first-time major winner."

Unfortunately, the pressure of building on the previous year's success seemed to be too much for Glover to handle last year. He looked almost out of place on the course, his cocksure attitude and reliable swing almost disappearing overnight.

There were even rumors at the beginning of the 2011 season that Glover was considering walking away from the game. As silly as that rumor may sound, it definitely made people take notice and wonder if we were witnessing the sudden decline of a golfer many expected to break out last season.

But let's not call time on Glover's career and put him in the same category as Shaun Micheel and Todd Hamilton - two major winners who never did much after reaching golf's highest peak - just yet.

At 31, he still has a lot of time to get his game on track. Tied for eleventh and eight shots back of Tommy Gainey at TPC Scottsdale, he has a slim chance of winning this week. But that's OK.

The good news for Glover is he's contending again - something he hasn't done recently. Assuming he can string together a couple of good starts and regain some confidence in his game, there's a good chance we'll see the old Lucas Glover before the end of the season.

Only this version of Lucas Glover will be doing things in style with an incredible beard.

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