Lottery lawsuit drama in America's friendliest golf community

Welcome to the Villages, America's friendliest golf community ...

... as long as you're not fighting over a winning lottery ticket, that is.

We take you now to the Hacienda Hills Golf and Country Club, where eight co-workers participated in the usual toss-in-a-dollar-and-divide-the-pot lottery game. Jeannette French had the bad luck to miss one day of work on the very day her colleagues hit the jackpot, to the tune of $16 million.

That's one expensive sniffle.

French has sued to prevent her co-workers from dividing up the cash, arguing that she contributed for nine years with the understanding that the group would pitch in for anyone who missed.

"She had communication with one of the other employees who said he would put in a dollar for her," French's lawyer, Jeannette Culmo, told ABC News. "Employees would routinely cover for each other. She paid back the dollar Thursday morning, and she was given the ticket to check to see if they had won. After she realized the group won, she gave back the ticket. She wasn't worried if she handed back the ticket she wouldn't be part of the group."

She probably should have been, because the other members of the group decided to lock arms and keep her out of the picture. A court placed a temporary hold on the distribution of the funds until the group can work out its issues.

So how much are we talking here? If the group goes for the $9 million immediate cash distribution, each member would receive $1.3 million if they keep French out, and $1.1 if they cut her in.

Surely America's friendliest golf community wouldn't tear itself apart over a mere $200,000 per person, right? Surely.

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