Look at how many people are working on this bunker at Merion Golf Club on Monday

No, the picture above is not a contest to see who can find Waldo first, that is an actual image from the 11th hole at Merion Golf Club on Monday. The site of this year's U.S. Open, Merion has been hit with some pretty hard rains over the last few days and the USGA is doing all they can to make the course as playable as possible by Thursday (when rain is expected again).

Seriously, look at all those people. You have the guy tossing sand at will from the golf cart, the two dudes texting in the background (apparently the cell phone police aren't on call until Thursday), and the older gentleman who looks like he's about done with this job.

It's an amazing picture and gives us a glimpse at just how much work actually goes into these major championships.

h/t 700 Level

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