A look back at Louis Oosthuizen’s double-eagle from the 2012 Masters

If it wasn't for what Bubba Watson did on the 10th hole a year ago at the Masters, Louis Oosthuizen might not only have the best shot of the 2012 Masters, but one of the best golf shots ever by a winner in the final round.

Oosthuizen of course didn't win, but that isn't stopping us from looking back at that second shot he hit into the second hole in the final round of last year's Masters. Oosthuizen was 253 yards away, downhill, and pulled a 4-iron to just try and get it on the front edge of the ridiculously undulated green. The ball found the front, started to roll out and just kept rolling, and rolling and rolling. It never looked like it would actually get to the hole, but it did, dropping dead center with the speed of a solid five-foot putt for the fourth double-eagle in the history of the Masters and the first on No. 2.

The best part about that double-eagle? The fact that Oosthuizen tossed the ball into the crowd, but you can't blame him for losing his mind for a moment after going 3-under on one hole.

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