Long drive champion Ryan Winther breaks simulator, and piece of wood, on Golf Channel

Back in November, Golf Channel had Jamie Sadlowski, the 2008 and '09 RE/MAX Long Drive Champion, on the show to talk about how chicks dig the long ball. Sadlowski was asked to hit some balls on their simulator and obliged, but it ended up with Golf Channel having to replace their screen because he put a hole in the middle of it.

Fast forward to 2013 and the new long drive champion, Ryan Winther. The hefty gentleman was asked to hit some shots for Golf Channel, but the crew smarten up and put a piece of plywood up to guard their precision simulator. On top of that, they asked Winther to simply swing 50 percent, and guess what happened?

Yep, another hole and more replacing. The guy smoked that thing, and the reaction from the crew is priceless.

My suggestion for Golf Channel the next time a long drive champion comes around? Maybe do an episode on how great these guys hit their 7-irons.

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