Lindsey Vonn is at Augusta National watching boyfriend Tiger Woods play the Masters

Earlier this week the big girlfriend/boyfriend news at Augusta National was that Rory McIlroy was going to have Caroline Wozniacki on his bag at the Par-3 Tournament.

While it turned out to be a fun little experience for the two (Rory even had Wozniacki hit a golf shot, that did not turn out well), we now have Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn to steal the relationship headlines at the year's first major.

Vonn has been pictured at Augusta National on Thursday wearing a Kentucky Derby-style hat and following Woods around as he attempts to win his 15th major and fifth green jacket.

Of course, Tiger and Vonn announced their relationship last month on Facebook, the first time Tiger has mentioned any relationship since his nasty split with his wife Elin. Woods is usually extremely private with stuff like this, so it must be serious if he's out posting it online.

We have another picture of Vonn watching Woods after the jump, who is currently on the course in the first round of the Masters.

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