Lee Westwood 'snogged' to a Wham Christmas song

Lee Westwood talked to the British press. It was mostly the usual No. 1 blah Tiger blah no majors blah blah blah. We'll get to that in a moment. The best part of this little interview is the final question, in which he was asked what his favorite (or "favourite") Christmas song was. His reply:

It has to be Wham!’s Last Christmas. I think I had my first snog to that at the school Christmas disco.

Oh. My. God. Where do we even begin with that one? Wham!? Really? Sure, it's not as horrifically bad as Paul McCartney's "Wonderful Christmastime," but man, it's down there. And, pardon my Americentrism, but does "snog" mean "kiss"? I sure hope so, even though it sounds much worse than that. And Lee Westwood at a "Christmas disco"? Priceless beyond words.

Sure, Westwood talked about wanting an English Open or some such, but who cares about all that? Let's just imagine Lee and, oh, Ian Poulter crooning this lovely tune, mullets and all:

Lee, we promise, if you gave us your heart, we wouldn't give it away the next day. We'd put it on eBay.

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