Lee Westwood has had about enough of the Twitter hate

Thanks a lot, Twitter followers of Lee Westwood. Because of your mean-spirited comments and all-around rude behavior, the No. 1 golfer in the world is on the verge of walking away from the social Twitter world.

In an Associated Press article, Westwood said he'd had just about enough of the "social slagging" -- love those British words -- he's been experiencing recently on the social media site.

"It's just pathetic," Westwood said. "It's there to interact with people and give them an idea of stuff they might not ordinarily be able to engage with. But some always take it too far and spoil it."

I'm sorry, but what did he expect? Most high-profile athletes on Twitter have well over 100,000 followers, meaning they reach an extremely large group of people living all over the world. That means every tweet Westwood sends out, no matter how insignificant, can be interpreted in 100,000 different ways.

Honestly, if Westwood really thought he'd get on Twitter and be loved by everyone, well, he was sadly mistaken. Hard as it is to believe, Lee, there are some mean-spirited people on the interwebs. I know, what a shocker!

Best thing to do is ignore the haters and just go about your business. Either that, or consider investing in a Twitter hitman that will go out and take care of the troublemakers for you. Both seem like pretty good ideas to me.

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