Kyle Reifers breaks driver during tee shot, still manages to hit it 315 yards

If you follow the PGA Tour on a regular basis then you most likely know the sport's recognizable tagline: These guys are good. Every golfer currently playing on tour can fire 63 on any given day, but another thing that separates these guys from the average hack is what they can do when something goes wrong on the course.

Take Kyle Reifers for instance. He was just going along on Thursday at the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial when ... CRACK! His driver head snaps off at impact on the par-4 12th hole. Luckily, the club malfunction wasn't that big of a deal. He still managed to bomb it 315 yards off the tee. No big deal. The tagline isn't a joke, folks. These guys really are that good.

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