Kevin Na’s shot off the cart path is worth another look

You know, Kevin Na is taking a lot of heat right now for his slow play, but let's give him a little love for one of the best shots of the weekend: his hybrid shot off the cart path on the 18th hole. Crazy? Sure, but not quite as crazy as you'd think.

Over at CBS Sports' Eye on Golf, our pal Shane Bacon has a fine breakdown of Na's what-the-hell-was-he-thinking swing:

Na put the ball a little up in his stance, forcing him to hit up at the ball almost like you would with a driver off the tee. Instead of digging down into the ball like you might if you had to get it out of some thick rough, Na's hybrid didn't smack the pavement first and cause a wacky shot.

Indeed he didn't; Na's shot ended up just short of the green, and he ended up salvaging a bit of dignity from an ugly round. Plus, he inspired a barrage of weekend golfers to try the same thing, thus ensuring more investment in the game of golf when those clowns shatter their clubs.