Kevin Durant gave Bubba Watson his shoes after eliminating the Clippers

One thing I will never understand is fans that get really, really excited when athletes leave an arena or a court and toss their sweaty apparel in the stands. Headbands, wristbands and jerseys get thrown to fans regularly, and fans will actually scuffle over the product, forgetting that whatever player just tossed that to you has been sweating in it for the last three hours.

But shoes are different. Shoes are awesome, they're hip and they are something that every famous person is obsessed with.

That's why the exchange between Masters champion Bubba Watson and NBA MVP Kevin Durant wasn't completely unusual. Bubba and Durant became buddies on Twitter, and Watson was sitting courtside in Los Angeles for Game 6 between the Thunder and the Clippers.

The Thunder eliminated the Clippers thanks to 39 points and 16 rebounds from the MVP.

After the game, Durant took off his game-worn Nikes, ran over to Bubba and gave him the shoes. I'm not exactly sure why the two did this, or why the shoes are important (I can only guess it will be something involving charity), but Watson now has a pair of basketball shoes to go with his second green jacket.

h/t Eye on Golf

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