Kenny Perry to donate $2,000 a birdie to families of fallen miners

When you talk about the good guys on the PGA Tour, a lot of the same names come up in conversation. One of those is Kenny Perry, the 14-time PGA Tour champion and runner-up at the 2009 Masters.

Next month, at the Greenbrier Classic in White Sulphur Springs, W. Va., Perry will do something pretty incredible. As reported by AP, for every birdie he makes in the event, Perry will donate a solid $2,000 to a charity set up to help out the families of the 25 fallen miners that died on April 5.

Those men were part of the worst U.S. coal disaster in 40 years, and Perry will be using his fame to help bring some support to the families that are struggling with the loss of loved ones.

How much of an affect has his decision already made on the tournament? Resort host Jim Justice said he'd match the final sum of Perry, doubling the amount the families will receive from the PGA Tour event.

You have to love things like this from a guy like Perry. Not only has he set up a scholarship fund at Lipscomb University, but he actually enjoys doing things like this "bucks for birdies" next month.

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