Keegan Bradley lives dream, throws out first pitch at Fenway

Like pretty much everyone outside of New England, I can't stand the Boston Red Sox. But I understand that there are people who do love that team beyond all reason, and for any of those, the opportunity to throw out the first pitch at Fenway probably ranks ahead of the birth of their children. (Unless those children are named Yaz and Nomahhh, of course.)

Of course, if you win a major, a lot of doors open wide to you. Keegan Bradley brought home the PGA Championship, and now he gets to throw out the first pitch on behalf of the Jimmy V Fund. Not bad for a kid from Vermont.

"Every time I think of the first pitch tomorrow I get butterflies and sweaty palms," he tweeted beforehand. "Needless to say I'm nervous." He added the hashtag "#nobababooey," a reference to the unfortunate first pitch thrown by Howard Stern Show producer Gary Dell'Abate a few years back. (Absolute must-watch video here.)

No problem. He didn't bring heat, but he didn't sling it into the upper deck, either. You can check out video of his competent pitch right here on the Red Sox site.

Jason Dufner, meanwhile, threw a beer can at his cat.

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