Kate Upton will be having dinner with Arnold Palmer, because Arnie is The King

This week, the PGA Tour is in Orlando, Fla. at Arnold Palmer's Bay Hill Club & Lodge. Arnie is the owner (and, of course, The King), and as such, he's enjoying a few perks of royalty. Like, for instance, dinner with Kate Upton ... the supermodel whose career he indirectly helped kickstart.

Check out this account of Palmer in winter, per the AP's Doug Ferguson:

"Did you see this?" Palmer said, holding up the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue [above] with Upton on the cover. "She's coming here. Did you know that?"

He put it back on his desk, gave it one last look, and then grabbed a stack of papers to place over the magazine.

"I better cover this up," he said.

He grinned. The man is simply timeless.

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Well played, King. Anyway, Upton and Palmer will be having dinner this week. But how's the guy on the left responsible for bringing us the lady on the right? Connections, baby. Palmer used to play golf with the father of Upton's current manager, Lisa Benson. A few years back, Palmer helped arrange an interview for Benson at IMG, the international sports/entertainment management firm, and she got the job. Benson later aligned with Upton, and the rest is supermodel history.

Upton's in town because her parents were fans of Palmer, and she's meeting with Arnie to discuss his charity work and participate in some social media PR business around the famous Arnold Palmer drink. (You know, iced tea and lemonade.) Which gives us the opportunity to close off this post with our all-time favorite SportsCenter commercial:

The King of Golf. There is none higher.

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