Kansas golfers hit back-to-back aces, and we hate ‘em for it

When we read about golfers dropping holes-in-one, part of us hates them for it. The other part of us really, really hates them for it. But hey, if it's a good story, we'll report it anyway.

Like this one, which happened last week at the Hesston Golf Park in Wichita, Kan. On the 212-yard, par-3 17th, Justin Pressnall stepped to the tee grasping a 6-iron. One swing later, and his ball was in the cup. Nice, huh? What happened next was pretty astonishing, though perhaps not quite as earth-shattering as a Wichita Eagle columnist painted it:

Then [Greg] Bontrager, a music teacher in Buhler who lives in Newton, stepped to the tee box. He and Pressnall barely knew one another from their participation in the Hesston men's club. They've never been golfing buddies and could never have known they were about to do something so incredible, so amazing, so unbelievable that they would forever be bound together.

Bound together? I'm assuming not literally. Anyway, Bontrager also dropped his ace, using a 23-degree hybrid. Not bad, eh? The National Hole-In-Registry estimates the odds of such an occurrence at 17 million-to-1, though really, once you get past about 100-to-1 odds it doesn't matter.

Another interesting element: These guys were involved in match play at the time. And, naturally, they tied the match.

Congratulations to both men. You'll excuse us while we go snap a few clubs.

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