Just in time for the big game, an Oregon-themed driver

The BCS National Championship game is Monday night (so why aren't you checking out Dr. Saturday? Go now ... right now!), and while there isn't a lot of golf stuff to talk about with a football game (besides it being in beautiful Scottsdale, golf mecca), we do have something to share; an Oregon-themed driver!

Yep, the good folks at DNA Golf landed a deal with the University of Oregon (along with the NBA) to bring you the Duck-iest driver you'll ever swing.

For the hardcore college football fan, nothing says "I bleed green and yellow" like a driver with an Oregon grip, shaft and emblem on the head of the club.

And, while we're here, why don't we do a little "Morning Drive" on the site, and pick who you think has the best chance of winning tonight? I'm going Oregon, but that's just because I'm a Pac-10 homer (Busbee is obviously rooting for Auburn, but can you blame him?).

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