Jordan Spieth played the two highest ranked courses in the United States on the same day

In less than a month I will turn 30-years-old. It's a strange realization as the days approach a monumental holiday, understanding that never again will you be that age you once were and your goal list and hopes for the future seem to be approaching at Shinkansen-like speed.

And this Jordan Spieth kid sure isn't helping me feel young.

At just 20-years-old, Spieth had one of the best seasons of anyone on the PGA Tour, winning once and competing in plenty of other events, winning Rookie of the Year and his PGA Tour card for the next two seasons, not to mention a spot on the winning Presidents Cup team.

And now he knocked off two golf courses on my bucket list ... on the same day.

Spieth and golf coach Cameron McCormick took on the two highest ranked golf courses in the United States on Tuesday, hitting up Pine Valley first and then swinging over to Augusta National for a twilight round.

According to McCormick, Spieth shot a nice little 67 at Pine Valley, incredibly impressive for a golf course that never lets up, and while they only got to play nine holes at the home of the Masters, they plan on getting 18 holes in on Wednesday.

The pictures below were tweeted by McCormick, who might be nearly pitching the most perfect two month stretch of golf I've ever heard. This month he got Pine Valley and two blows at Augusta National, while last month he let us know he teed it up at the Old Course at St. Andrews for a round.

Being reincarnated as a professional golfer would be a dream come true, but coming back as a top instructor wouldn't be all bad.