Join the Devil Ball Fantasy Golf League! Do it now!

It's that time again, friends, time for the Devil Ball Fantasy League challenge. And we're throwing the door open to the entire universe, no limit. Jump in, join us, get your friends on board. We might even throw a prize or two your way, if we can pry it out of our sponsors' hands. (Step up, sponsors!) You'll do battle with me (Phil's Lonely Burgers) and many of the other Yahoo! Sports loons. It'll be a good time all the way around.

Here's the deal. We've got a private league set up, but you're invited. You can click right here to go straight in, you can click on the logo there on the right, or you can log in this way:

League name: Fans of Devil Ball
League ID: 37
Password: devilball

Play begins this week, so get to it! See you out on the virtual course!

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