Johny Daly fined by European Tour for chucking putter into woods

John Daly is good for at least one memorable on-course blowup per year. Last season, Daly stormed off the course at the Australian Masters after depositing every ball in his bag into the lake on the par-5 11th in a Tin Cup-esque moment that left one tournament saying, "I would say this is the last time we will see John Daly."

Daly likely won't be barred from playing in Hong Kong after his most recent on-course blowup -- it was actually almost a year to the day of his meltdown in Australia -- but fans may want to keep their distance in the future.

According to reports, Daly reportedly lost his cool after having his picture taken multiple times during the second rounds and hurled his putter into the woods. After hearing of the incident, officials fined Daly an undisclosed amount for the incident.

Tournament director Michael Ericsson tried to justify the fine by telling reporters that, "Yes, the circumstances regarding crowd manners and behavior will be considered, but when it all boils down there is still no excuse for throwing his putter."

Daly missed the cut after rounds of 72-75, but after dealing with the cameras and phones for two days, he was probably relieved to get the heck the heck out of Hong Kong and head home -- even if it meant paying a fine on his way out of the country.

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